December Calendar

             Upcoming Events
Text Box: St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

of Williams Township



                             Dec. 3                    First Sunday of Advent

                                                                                Worship with Holy Communion

                                                                                Freely Given

                                                                                No Sunday School

                                                Dec. 10                  Second Sunday of Advent

                                                Dec. 17                   Third Sunday of Advent

                                                                                Christmas Program

                                                Dec. 24                  Fourth Sunday of Advent

                                                                                10:30 a.m. Service

                                                                                8:30 p.m. Candlelight Service with Holy Communion

                                                Dec. 31                   First Sunday of Christmas

                                                                                Lessons and Carols

                                                                                Food Bank Sunday

Healing Sunday



January Calendar

                             Jan. 7                     Baptism of Our Lord

                                                                                Worship with Holy Communion

                                                Jan. 14                   Second Sunday after the Epiphany

                                                Jan. 21                   Third Sunday after the Epiphany

                                                Jan. 28                  Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany

Food Bank Sunday

February Calendar

                             Feb. 4                     Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany

                                                                                Worship with Holy Communion

                                                                                Boy Scout Sunday

                                                                                Souper Bowl

                                                Feb. 11                   Transfiguration of Our Lord

                                                                                Worship with Holy Communion

                                                Feb. 14 (Wed)     Ash Wednesday—7:00 Service

                                                Feb. 18                   First Sunday in Lent

                                                Feb. 25                   Second Sunday in Lent

                                                                                Bold Women Sunday

                                                                                Food Bank Sunday